About Anita du Plessis / Tentang Ibu Anita du Plessis

Anita du Plessis has been an activist in the Anti-Human Trafficking Movement since 2008, serving multiple organisations and coalitions in Indonesia, Singapore and South Africa. She is an expert in assessing operational systems in ports, to provide a tailor-made framework that benefits CSOs, Public and Private Sectors, conducive to collaboration. She holds a Diploma in Human Rights and Forced Displacement as well as a Diploma in Online Intelligence and Case Management. Anita is the founder of Freedom Ports Alliance, an Anti-Trafficking consultancy firm dedicated to stop trafficking through ports. As Executive Director, she interprets data, and develops operational systems through comprehensive training to empower port employees to effectively identify and respond to human trafficking. Her dream is to see an anti-trafficking response team in every port in the world.